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About Me

About Me


I am a 20-something new mom working full time in the marketing world. I grew up in Austin, Texas and I could not imagine calling anywhere else home (despite the brutal summer months.) 

I graduated from Texas State University in 2013 with a degree in Mass Communications. While in school, I worked as a leasing professional at a student property in San Marcos, TX where I got a lot of experience with outreach and social marketing.  I've always had a passion for branding, advertising, and digital marketing, so when it came time to choose a career path, I found myself working on the corporate marketing side of the multi family industry. Currently, I am stretching my marketing wings running the branding and advertising campaigns for about 55 apartment communities across the Austin market. 

I also feel its important to introduce some key players in my life. One of the happiest days of my life was when I married my husband Ryne in 2016. He inspires me everyday through his kindness, love, and crazy amount of patience. Thanks, babe! Our lives changed August 2018 when we brought our beautiful baby girl Ellis into the world. She motivates me to be the greatest version of myself and to soak in all of the little moments. 

So, why start a blog? I have always felt comfort in writing to express my excitement, anxiety, happiness, and thoughts on the things I am most passionate about. Do I have this work-wife-mommy-social life balance perfected? NO WAY. But I hope to document the adventure to finding it! 

You can expect to read about un-filtered topics related to marriage, motherhood, food, beauty, health, and more. Thank you for following along. 

XO Leah 

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My hope is to provide relatable commentary on the day to day life of a working mom. Send me your stories! Let's be each other's army. 

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